Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Romantic Gifts For Her

Not just a hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day has distinctly bloodier origins than the celebration of love it’s now known for, with there being at least three martyrs named Valentine. Though the exact origins of Valentine’s Day are unknown, legend has it the name came from a priest who was martyred around 270 C.E., who befriended his jailer’s daughter and wrote a letter to her, signing it off with “from your Valentine.”

Regardless of the origins of the day, come the 14th of February, the stakes are very real. No matter how much your significant other claims they “don’t want anything for V-day,” it’s always nice to make an effort that extends further than supermarket flowers or hastily purchased truffles. To ensure you don’t end up being the one martyred this Valentine’s Day, here are our favourite foolproof gifts for her. 

Makeup, don’t breakup

Love the skin you’re in

Scent of a woman

Wear your heart around your neck

The good kind of baggage


Achilles’ heel(s)

Home & away

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Words by AR Staff