A Minimalist, Monochromatic Chalet in Canada’s Laurentian Mountains

Situated in the rugged Laurentian Mountains in Québec, Canada, the Poisson Blanc chalet by Montreal-based architecture and design firm _naturehumaine takes its stylistic cues from its surroundings. The monolithic structure is perched atop a sloping terrain, utilising the bedrock to anchor the building. 

Named for the park and lake located nearby, Poisson Blanc’s (which translates to ‘white fish’) shape and minimalist design allows the chalet to minimise the footprint it leaves on the surrounding nature. A square design topped with a symmetrical metal gabled roof, Poisson Blanc is the epitome of balanced. Bathed in white, the chalet seamlessly merges into the snowy landscape during the cooler months.

The same minimalism is employed inside, with a compact, open plan living area allowing inhabitants to move from one space to the next with ease. Exposed joists are painted white and span across the ceiling of the interiors, referencing the ribbed skeletons of the fish found in the nearby lake. 

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The result is almost a love letter to its surroundings, with the monochromatic chalet exploring the purity of the square, while preserving the integrity of the nature around it.

Words by Theo Rosen
Images courtesy of _naturehumaine