A Secluded Cider Workshop in Canada

Nature meets functionality.

Set between a dense woodland and a vast expanse of water in the heart of Canada’s Eastern Townships, Stoke cider workshop highlights the beauty of the landscape by employing a discreet silhouette with clean, contemporary lines and utilising natural materials in its construction. The Stoke cider workshop is the result of a collaboration between APPAREIL Architecture and the owner, who was seduced by the magic of the location and was involved in all stages of the design and building process. 

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The building houses a dual-purpose space, with each tied to a specific activity. On the ground floor, a violin workshop adjoins a space dedicated to cider making, connected by a protected gallery. Surplus is forgone in favour of simplicity, with each facet of the Stoke cider workshop coming together to evoke the feeling of a traditional farm, artfully assimilating to its surroundings. 

Words by Theo Rosen
Images courtesy of APPAREIL architecture