These Are The Bathroom Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing This Year

While you may not eat or sleep here (though arguably, you can achieve both during a good long soak in the bathtub), the bathroom is a crucial space in each household; marking the beginning and end to each day. With a new year upon us, it’s important to have a space that cultivates relaxation and peace of mind, so that each day begins and ends on a good note. To help you turn your bathroom into a sanctuary where you can wash away the past year and find clarity in the present one, here are the top bathroom interior design trends of 2021. 

1. Chic finishes


Research commissioned by Australian bathroom retailer The Blue Space showed that while timeless chrome is still the most popular finish of choice for tapware and fittings, black and brushed gold and brass have emerged as viable options. Here at Albert Review, we love the effortless way brushed gold or brass lends a touch of luxury to any space.  

2. Minimalistically minded


Pared-back without being sterile, minimalism continues to be the name of the game for bathroom decor. “This look has been popular for a few years, loved for its uncluttered, streamlined style that promotes a calmer existence where families can escape the busyness of the world,” says Elise Pride, Merchandising Manager at The Blue Space.

A minimalist approach allows your bathroom to feel open and vast, with handleless cabinetry, sleek tapware, and a neutral colour palette making for a relaxed, almost spa-like feel. 

3. Bold colours


If pops of colour are more your taste, why not go all-out with a colourful bathroom? Either choose one colour you love and go monochrome with varying shades of the same colour, or contrast a couple of colours you enjoy. 

4. Freestanding bathtubs

bathroom interior design trends

The epitome of luxury and indulgence, freestanding bathtubs serve as a centrepiece to a bathroom. Black bathtubs are a newly emerging trend, providing a focal point to any space, while metallic or clawfoot tubs can inject old-world opulence into your bathroom. 

5. Powerful powder rooms

Bold powder rooms are having a moment. Typically comprised of a vanity and toilet, powder rooms provide the perfect place for guests to pop in for a quick visit or touch-up before dinner. Their comparatively smaller size makes powder rooms the ideal place to experiment with a bit of wonder and whimsy. Cultivate a vintage aesthetic with beautifully patterned wallpaper or create a dramatic mood with a tile backsplash. 

6. Framed mirrors


An easy way to elevate any space, framed mirrors will be a bathroom trend this year. Minimalists can try a streamlined framed black, chrome, or brushed steel mirror while the more adventurous may prefer a more ornate, baroque style frame. 

Words by AR Staff
Feature image courtesy of Douglas Friedman