The Healthiest Alcohol Options You Can Order This Festive Season

Have your wine and drink it too.

While we’re all aware that alcohol isn’t exactly the healthiest of drinks, the endless glasses of spritz, wine, and poolside cocktails that are inextricably linked with summer can both derail your diet and slow you down the morning after. Thankfully, the advent of no and low ABV, healthy alcohol options makes it possible to drink mindfully while toasting summer in style. 


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Whether you’re looking for a lighter wine option to see in the new year, or are in dire need of a good spirit, here are the 9 healthiest alcohol options to indulge in this season.

The healthiest alcohol options you can drink

1. Low alcohol wines

The drinks industry has seen a slew of low alcohol options of late, with lightened-up wines allowing for indulgence in moderation. These wine iterations are no mere watered-down grape juice; with high-quality low alcohol wines boasting rich, full-bodied flavours. Our pick? State Of Light, which offers a pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, and rosé with 35% less calories and 45% less alcohol than the average wine. 

2. Vodka

A clear spirit, vodka itself is fairly low in calories, clocking in at around 70kcal per shot. Ditch the calorie-laden mixers and add-ins and opt for a vodka and soda (as opposed to tonic water) with lime instead. Swedish brand Svedka Rosé Vodka offers the best of both worlds, pairing a lighter style vodka with rosé wine, featuring notes of hibiscus, strawberry, and pineapple.

3. Tequila

Everyone’s favourite bar counter shot, tequila is surprisingly low in calories and contains no net carbohydrates, preventing blood sugar spikes. Skip the calorie minefield that is a margarita and enjoy on its own or with soda and lime. 

4. Champagne

At just 95 calories a glass, cracking open a bottle of bubbly is a pretty good way to see in the new year. Dryer champagne varietals are lower in calories, with brut champagne being the most waist-friendly option. 

5. Gin 

Another clear spirit, gin is a more diet-friendly option than darker liquors like rum, whiskey, and bourbon. Swap out tonic water for soda and you have a solid healthier alcohol option. 

6. Prosecco

With fewer calories and less sugar than wine, prosecco is a cheerful holiday drink option, clocking in at around 80kcal a glass. 

7. Pinot noir

While not as low calorie as its white counterparts, pinot noir is rich in heart-healthy antioxidants like resveratrol and polyphenols, making a glass or two a healthy option when consumed in moderation. 

8. Bloody Mary

If you squint hard enough, a bloody mary is almost akin to ordering a salad at the bar. One of the lowest calorie cocktail options, a vodka-based bloody mary with high-quality fresh tomato juice provides a buzz as well as a hit of vitamin C, potassium, and lycopene. 

9. Dirty martini

A dirty martini made with gin, vermouth, and olive brine is a fairly waistline-friendly option. Plus, the olives provide a source of healthy fats. Just steer clear of any flavoured martini iterations (think chocolate, sour apple), which is where the calories stack up.

10. Alcohol-free spirits

Desire the taste of a cocktail without the sluggish morning after? An alcohol-free tipple is your best bet. Naked Life produces sugar-free ready-to-drink virgin cocktails, which boast the complex, nuanced flavour palate of their alcoholic counterparts, sans hangover. With an alcohol-free margarita, yuzu sake spritz, English garden spritz, and G&T, there’s something for every taste.

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How many calories are in alcohol?

Alcohol contains 7kcal per gram, making it an energy-dense beverage. With one standard drink containing 10-14g of alcohol, the average drink contains around 70-100kcal from alcohol (and that’s not including mixers or add-ins!).

Which alcohol is the lowest in calories?

Clear spirits are the lowest calorie alcohols, with tequila, vodka, and gin being the most diet-friendly options.

Words by AR Staff
Feature image courtesy of Chelsie Craig