The Best RTD Cocktails To Try In 2021

No longer synonymous with beer, canned RTD (or ready-to-drink) beverages now extend into the cocktail domain. Far from watered-down iterations of your bar favourites, the new breed of high-quality RTD cocktails are just as good as the tipples whipped up at your local. Plus, they’re convenient and easy to drink; no glassware required.

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From picnic-friendly G&Ts to ever-instagrammable rose spritzes, we’ve got you covered with the best RTD cocktails to try.

1. Archie Rose Distilling Co. Canned Cocktails

Legendary Australian distillers Archie Rose have branched out into the RTD market, with their first canned cocktail release. The four flavour strong range consists of two gin and two vodka offerings. Gin & Tonic with Lemon & Pepperberry and Gin Blackberry Spritz with Lemon Myrtle & Juniper, and Vodka & Soda with Native Blood Lime and Vodka Mango Spritz with Lime & Chilli. Made with Archie Roses’ Signature Dry Gin and Original Vodka, they manage to capture the essence of niche cocktails in a can, making use of native Australian ingredients.

2. Pure Scot Canned Cocktails

pure scot rtd cocktails

Australian-owned Scotch whisky label Pure Scot has a newly released RTD cocktail range, consisting of two classic blends; the Virgin Oak + Smoked Cola and a Pure Scot + Tonic. The former is a sultry take on a timeless bar favourite, while the latter blends zesty, citrusy tonic with the honeyed notes of Pure Scot’s Scotch whisky. 

3. Batch & Co Spritz

Refreshing spritzes minus the prep, Batch & Co’s range of refreshing alcoholic spritzes derive their inspiration from beach culture, with a Bondi Spritz, Noosa Spritz, and Brighton Spritz. The fresh and fruity range make for the ideal pool or beachside tipple.

4. Staple Drinks

rtd canned cocktails staple drinks

Newly launched Australian brand Staple Drinks have created a healthy take on your go-to order, with a Gin Soda Lime and Vodka Soda Cucumber, sweetened with real fruit.

5. Naked Life Beverages

Non-drinkers needn’t miss out on the RTD game, with Naked Life Beverages’ range of non-alcoholic RTDs. Featuring classic flavours like a Pimms-inspired English Garden, Yuzu Sake, Margarita, and G&T, the range comes without the sugar or hangover that all too often accompanies traditional cocktails. 

Words by AR Staff