A Nature-inspired Apartment in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese design principles meet Danish aesthetics.

The result of a collaboration between Tokyo-native design studio Keiji Ashizawa and Copenhagen-based Norm Architects, Kinuta Terrace reflects the love for timeless appeal and material richness shared by both design studios. Originally built in the 1980s, Kinuta Terrace comprises of 36 units, two of which were renovated by the two design studios. Their renovations see the collaborating design studios play with transparency, light, and shadow, utilising the existing architecture to create an environment which flows freely from one space to the next. 

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The resultant space is an apartment which works with nature, not against it, seamlessly weaving in industrial elements; evoking contemporary design principles without disrupting the natural world. Double height spaces and large windows invite nature in, with repetitive patterns used to create a calming effect. Staircases, rails, and wall panels have been designed to mimic the pathways of the courtyard, serving to create cohesion between the interior and exterior spaces.

Words by Theo Rosen
Images courtesy of Norm Architects