Evoke Wes Anderson Energy With Pink And Green Interiors

Much like gin and tonic, yin and yang, and Gucci and Harry Styles, some things are just better together. The same can be said of pink and green interiors, which work synergistically to provide a relaxed, peaceful space. Whether it’s soft pastel pink with olive green, rose and emerald, or flamingo pink set against forest green, the pink and green design trend is one we’ve been crushing on for a while now. 

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Here’s how to incorporate pink and green interiors into your household.

1. Muted hues

pink and green interiors

These forest green cabinets set upon walls in the palest of pinks make for a subtle take on the trend. 

2. Sitting pretty

pink and green interiors

Furniture is a simple, relatively commitment-free way to try the pink and green interiors trend; these velvet pieces make for a cosy sitting arrangement while adding interest to an otherwise pared-back space. 

3. Begin with the bathroom

pink and green interiors

If you’re wary of embracing the pink and green colour scheme in the more prominent areas of your home, the bathroom is a good place to experiment. This baby pink clawfoot bathtub perfectly complements the pattered de Gournay wallpapers, making for a space that’s simultaneously vintage and fresh. 

4. Tonal variation

Go all out with the pink and green shade scheme by playing with different tones and incorporating patterned pieces. 

5. Start small

Dip your toes into the water by incorporating green and pink hues in smaller doses; think dining sets, vases and sculptural pieces, and shelving units. 

6. Go dark

pink and green interiors

To set a moody vibe, pair deep pinks and greens with darker neutrals like gray and brown, and rich tones like gold and copper.

Words by Esmé Duggan