Lace Up Your Corsets, Regencycore Is The New Bridgerton Inspired Fashion Trend

If you found yourself binge-watching Bridgerton over the holidays, you’re not alone. The Netflix adaptation by Shonda Rhimes of Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name has amassed over 60 million viewers since its debut on Christmas day, with its popularity spurring a new fashion trend; Regencycore. 

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Set in the United Kingdom during the Regency era, Bridgerton is an aesthete’s dream, providing a lucullan feast of flouncy fabrics, puffy sleeves, fresh florals, embellished dresses, opulent jewellery, and lavish decor. Bridgerton costumer designer Ellen Mirojnick reimagined the attire of Regency London with a modern sensibility, telling Harper’s Bazaar that she wanted to “make [the clothing] aspirational, intriguing, and with somewhat of a layer that would actually be very imaginative.” Regencycore follows the same formula, putting a modern twist on Regency silhouettes and elements, making them suitable for contemporary (albeit fanciful) wear.

Much like many fashion trends and campaigns today, Regencycore provides a form of escapism for the realities of today, with the elaborate ensembles acting as a tonic for the sweatpants and slips many of us have spent the better half of the past year in. To inject a little sartorial excitement into your wardrobe, here’s exactly how to get the Regencycore look. 

1. Gloves galore

regencycore style bridgerton how to

Potentially the easiest Regencycore element to incorporate into your look, elbow length gloves add a sense of Regency era chicness to any outfit. Try silk, cotton or lace elbow-length gloves, or opt for a shorter wrist length variety for daily attire; here at AR we can’t go past the Gucci tulle GG motif gloves. 

2. Corsets

regencycore style bridgerton

Already popularised by brands like it-girl fave Orseund Iris and the always sculpturally-minded Dion Lee, corsets aren’t exactly a new concept for the street style set. However, corsets have seen a new surge of interest in the wake of everyone’s communal Bridgerton binge, with the garment making for a stylish way to cinch your waist while channelling your inner debutante. Fortunately for us, the corsets of today don’t come with the same breath-restricting properties as their predecessors, allowing you to stay snatched without passing out.

3. Puff sleeves

Fabulous and flouncy, a puff sleeve dress or top is a flattering way to incorporate some Regency flair into your wardrobe. Go all out with a nostalgic babydoll dress courtesy of Selkie, or ease into the look with an organza top.

4. Pearl headbands

regencycore style bridgerton

A Regencycore favoruite, pearl and feather headbands make for an elegant (particularly the former) way to exude old-world glamour. 

5. Empire silhouettes

regencycore style bridgerton

Empire line silhouettes were the favourite style of the dresses sported by the ladies of the Bridgerton and Featherington clans, with the style featuring a bodie cut just under the bust and a long, gathered, body-skimming skirt. 

6. Fabulous florals

regencycore style bridgerton

Floral gowns are almost a supporting role in Bridgerton, with a dazzling array of embellished, lacy, and embroidered pieces making an appearance. Brands like Lirika Matoshi and Rodarte are our favourites for capturing that nostalgic whimsical look. 

7. Embellished shoes

You’re never fully dressed without a killer pair of shoes. For footwear that screms Regencycore, look for jacquard or brocade covered heels or slip on flats, or opt for pearl or crystal embellished varieties. 

Words by AR Staff