expert tips to make your salon hair colour last longer

How To Make Your Spendy Salon Hair Colour Last Longer

So, you’ve just dropped a few hundred on a salon cut, colour, and blow dry. Your hair looks amazing for the next couple of days before starting to lose its vibrant hue and you find yourself counting down the days till your next appointment. While here at Albert Review we believe quality haircare is worth the investment, you want to be able to reap the benefits of a visit to the salon for as long as possible. Thankfully, there are a few ways to make your salon hair colour stay at that perfect shade for longer.

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Tips for making your hair colour last

Here’s are our top tips for extending the life of your salon hair colour.

1. Wait to wash your hair

“Don’t wash your hair too soon after your colour service, we suggest leaving the hair for about 48hrs,” says Laura Brand, Goldwell Color Specialist at Shibui Melbourne, adding that this “will ensure any toners or pigments added to the hair will lock into the cuticle & the colour will last much longer from the start.” Dirty hair may take some getting used to, so make dry shampoo your new best friend; it’ll soak up excess oil and prevent your hair from looking greasy.

2. Use the right products

When you do wash your hair, don’t just slap any old shampoo and conditioner on your hair. “Using specifically designed colour protect products at home will help to lock in that vibrancy at each wash and improve the durability of any colour,” Laura tells us, recommending the Goldwell DualSenses Color range as her go-to.

3. Make at-home treatments a regular thing

Haircare isn’t just about what happens at the salon; how you take care of your hair afterwards is paramount in making your colour last longer. “Keeping your colour bright is about keeping it healthy & shiny,” says Laura, adding that “regular treatments to add nourishment & moisture will do wonders to keep hair looking fresh. You can also replenish the lost colour with pigmented home haircare products.” Goldwell’s DualSenses Color Revive colour giving conditioner performs dual action; working to add pigment and deeply treat hair, replenishing your colour and keeping your hair vibrant and shiny between salon visits.

4. Take it easy on the heat

Love your hair straightener or curling iron? Unfortunately, heat-based hairstyling equipment can cause your colour to fade more quickly. “Porous, dry or damaged hair has a hard time retaining pigment in the cuticle. So if you’re constantly adding heat to your hair, you’re stripping it of moisture and consequently [affecting] how well it holds onto your fresh salon colour,” Laura informs us. If you can’t resist heat styling, ensure you use a heat protecting product beforehand.

5. Swim safe

To prevent your hair colour from fading, ensure you protect your hair from the sun and chlorine. Use a hair product with SPF protection to keep your hair safe in the sun.

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Words by AR Staff