Can’t Focus? 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy & Concentration

If your ‘afternoon slump’ seemingly lasts all day, you’re not alone. Whether it’s related to stress, diet, a lack of sleep, news fatigue, pandemic exhaustion, or burnout, we collectively as a society seem to be suffering from a lack of energy and brain fog. From struggling to concentrate on tasks to finding yourself nodding off mid-Zoom, energy seems to be a scarce resource of late.

Finding yourself depleted in energy can be particularly frustrating when you actually are getting enough sleep. However, there are some other factors that could be playing a role in your exhaustion. 

Here are some easy ways to tap into your energy sources and fight fatigue. 

1. Supercharge your coffee

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t dare suggest you give up your morning cup. However, you can make your coffee work better. A proven nootropic, caffeine is the most researched way to attain energy and can be beneficial in kickstarting your morning and reducing brain fog. While caffeine can cause jitteriness, pairing it with L-theanine – another nootropic – enhances the cognitive benefits of caffeine and eliminates the jitters associated with coffee, providing calm, sustained focus. We recommend mixing the Locako Keto Nootropic Powder into your morning coffee; it contains L-theanine as well as other plant-based nootropics like Siberian ginseng, MCT, and lion’s mane.

2. Get that D

A lack of sunlight may be the reason you’re feeling sluggish throughout the day. Vitamin D from the sun works to combat fatigue and wake you up, with the sun also serving to regulate your body’s circadian rhythm; your internal body clock that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Between staying indoors for most of the day and wearing sunscreen when exposed to the sun (which we always recommend), vitamin D deficiencies are all too common. Try a vitamin D supplement in the form of a spray or liquid. 

3. Try a vitamin B supplement

B vitamins are crucial for energy synthesis and also play an important role in our mental wellbeing and hormone regulation. A lack of B vitamins (particularly vitamin B12 which isn’t produced by the body) is a common cause of low energy levels; taking a B complex supplement in the morning can help promote consistent energy levels over time. 

4. Stress less

Easier said than done, we know. However, stress is a key cause of low energy levels, with chronic stress causing elevated cortisol levels which takes a toll on your adrenal system, impacting your energy levels and general motivation. Find a destressing method that works for you, whether it be walking in nature, restorative yoga, or meditation.

5. Stretch it out

Stretching during the day can help promote better posture as well as enhance your mental alertness by increasing blood flow throughout the body. Break up a long afternoon by incorporating 5-10 minutes of simple stretching into your day. 

Words by Arabella Johnson
Feature image courtesy of Ryan McGinely for Vogue