An Ode To The Beauty Of Somnus; Perfecting The Art Of Slumber This World Sleep Day

It’s no secret that here at Albert Review, we place a high emphasis on attaining and perfecting the art of sleep. From drinks to lull you to sleep and hacks to acquire sleep to foods to eat for sleep and essential oils to promote sleep, it’s not a stretch to say we’re a little obsessed with the art of somnus. However, our obsession stems from collective deprivation. And, with one in three adults not getting enough sleep, it seems we’re not alone. Today marks the 14th annual World Sleep Day; a celebration of sleep designed to raise awareness around sleep disorders and issues related to sleep, while providing us with an opportunity to reflect on how we can enhance and prioritise our sleep. 

In light of World Sleep Day, we’re sharing our Albert Review approved sleep essentials (as well as some equally lovely non-essentials) to help ease the daily transition into unconsciousness. 

1. Night cap

The Beauty Chef advocates good gut health for overall wellness and their Inner Beauty Support is no exception. Formulated with lemon balm and passionflower which possess anxiolytic and sedative properties, as well as anti-inflammatory turmeric, and a gut-friendly flora complex, The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Support is akin to liquid gold for the troubled sleeper. Enjoy an hour or two before bed with milk and a dash of honey.

2. French press

world sleep day sheets

André Leon Talley once said “the most luxurious item is a beautiful bed and beautiful, simple sheets.” The former Vogue editor-at-large has seen his fair share of luxury, so we’re inclined to take his word for it. Certainly, after a long day there’s nothing more satisfying than sliding into a cosy bed decked with buttery soft sheets. Our pick? The Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen Sets, which come in an array of chic, interior design friendly colours (we’d recommend mixing and matching them).

3. Unblock and unwind

An Ayurvedic wellness technique used for centuries, Kansa massage is designed to unblock energy channels and improve circulation. Using the LAMAV Kansa Wand alongside a facial oil helps increase product absorption into the skin to help you wake up with plumper, more refreshed skin. Plus, certain massage techniques can be used as a way to unwind and relieve tension, promoting a more restful night’s sleep.

4. Light up

Lull every one of your senses into a sweet slumber with the scent of natural sedative lavender, as well as soothingly sweet white honey and bright candied citrus in the Glasshouse Fragrances Ode to Women Candle. Layered together with cashmere essence, it’s like a sensory hug. Just remember to blow it out before you enter the land of nod!

5. Good vibes

world sleep day zalo vibrator rabbit

If you know you know. Not that we need any further inveiglement to have a good time, enjoying the big O can actually help you sleep better. It’s true, just ask science. Upon orgasming, your body releases the hormone prolactin, which makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. We love the Zalo Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator; with a 24k gold chain and gold tip, it’s the Chanel of vibrators. Go on, try it. 

6. Sleepy head

Spun from mulberry silk and treated with antibacterial silver, the Silvi Anti Acne Silk Pillowcase is the ideal place to rest your pretty little head. Plus, it helps retain your aforementioned beauty, with the smoothness of silk preventing your skin from wrinkling or creasing and your hair from getting frizzy or breaking as you sleep.

7. Soak it up

Taking a warm shower before bed works to promote sleep in multiple ways. The hot water is calming and eases any built-up tension in your muscles, and the cooling sensation you experience upon exiting the shower signals to your body that it’s time to go to sleep. Supercharge your shower with the Lush Lavender Shower Gel for bonus points.

8. Precious oils

world sleep day

Support your skin by keeping it well moisturised throughout the day and at night. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, the Recreation Beauty Glow Queen Glow Face + Hair Oil is enriched with jasmine and neroli and conditions the hair and body, leaving behind a complex yet calming scent.

Words by AR Staff
Feature image courtesy of Guy Bourdin