Grandmillennial Style Is The Antidote To Minimalism; Here’s How To Get It

Is that your grandma’s house?

An unlikely new interior design trend has emerged of late. The antidote to minimalist style and the inverse of Kim and Kanye’s monastic (or mental asylum-esque) California home, Grandmillennial style is the interior design equivalent of raiding your grandma’s wardrobe for a vintage floral dress. Grandmillennial style can be defined as a contemporary take on traditional English country style, doing away with the often impersonal stark white walls and scarce use of objects found in minimalism. 

Grandmillennial Style

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An opportunity to show off one’s personal style, Grandmillennial style doesn’t simply entail copying your grandparents living room. Rather, it utilises traditional elements like patterned wallpaper, ruffled cushions, floral furniture coverings, and dark stained wooden furniture and fuses them with contemporary elements like sleek lines, vibrant colours, abstract art, and interesting decor items like wavy vases, creating an interesting contrast between the old and the new. 


How to get Grandmillennial style

Keen to try Grandmillennial style? With an interior trend like this, it’s best to start small to avoid ending up looking more granny than Grandmillennial. Here’s how to start incorporating the trend into your interiors.

1. Funky furniture

The key to Grandmillennial style lies in its warmth and approachability; it’s a home made to be lived in, not observed. 

In a sea of pared-back, streamlined Scandi style sofas and chairs, it can be difficult to find furniture that suits the Grandmillennial aesthetic. Try searching for vintage pieces like upholstered armchairs and couches with ruffles, piping, frills, or skirting. Otherwise, you can opt to imbue your streamlined furniture with the Grandmillennial vibe by adding in ruffled or floral pillowcases.

Richly stained wooden furniture is also a good way to add a vintage touch to any room. Try a dark timber coffee table or sideboard to add a heritage feeling to your space.

2. Strategic wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is a simple yet effective way to adopt Grandmillennial style. For a contemporary approach to the style, adopt a base wallpaper colour in a rich, earthy hue and stick to a consistent colour palette throughout the room. 

3. Personal touches

Whether it’s a China collection or a set of mismatched vases, owners of Grandmillennial homes aren’t afraid to show off their personalities. Don’t be afraid to put your favourite trinkets on display; just remember to keep it cohesive and intentional to avoid looking cluttered. 

Words by Theo Rosen
Feature image courtesy of Lesley Unruh