How To Make Any Space Look Bigger Than It Really Is

From small to stately.

Short on space? No dramas. Size isn’t everything; at least not with rooms. From savvy storage solutions and smart colour schemes to renovation free design tactics and intelligent art, there are several tried and tested interior design tricks to help you maximise your space and live large regardless of your square footage.

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Take your space from petite to palatial with these 8 interior design strategies. 

1. Uniform flooring

small space design tricks flooring

Whilst multiple flooring styles serve to delineate separate rooms, this is a design tactic best reserved for larger spaces as it can make a small space feel even smaller. A single floor type moving from one area to the next creates stylistic cohesion and makes it feel like all the rooms are components of one large space. When selecting a flooring style for a small space, opt for wide timber floorboards over strip flooring or a large tiling style over a smaller one. The fewer seams or grout lines visible, the more expansive your floor will appear. 

2. Reflect on it

small space design tricks mirror

A decor tactic that never fails to make a room feel airier; mirrors. Either hung on the wall or positioned on the floor opposite a window (slightly slanted upwards), large mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Just be sure not to reflect a messy part of your room, as this will only serve to make it feel more cramped and cluttered. Either reflect a natural light or a nice piece of decor, like a chandelier or art wall.

3. Size up

small space design tricks art gallery wall

A common misconception when choosing art for a small room is selecting several pieces of small scale artwork and minuscule decorative items. However, this can make an area look cluttered rather than curated. Rather than opting for a gallery wall, hang large scale artwork in your space. This enlivens your space and creates a focal point in a room, serving to make your space look bigger than it actually is. 

4. Monochrome magic


Though varying colours can add interest to a room, this breaks up the space and makes it appear smaller. Using a single colour on the walls, ceiling, moulding, and window frames creates consistency and the illusion of a larger area.

5. Lighten up

small space design light paint

It’s no secret that white paint is a natural choice for making a room look larger; opening rooms up and making them feel lighter and airier. For spaces which get a lot of natural light, white paint serves to reflect the light and makes the walls visually recede, creating the appearance of more space.

6. …but don’t be afraid to go dark

small space dark blue paint

Despite exalting the benefits of a white hue, if your space receives little to no natural light, pale shades aren’t the way to go. A darker due like deep green, navy, charcoal, or black works to create an intimate vibe in a space. 

7. Show some leg

mid century modern furniture

Creating the illusion of more space is about cultivating a sense of openness. Uncluttered, streamlined furniture that allows light to flow over, under, and around it works to create more space. Avoid clunky furniture and opt for pieces with delicate silhouettes; mid-century modern furniture with clean lines, open sides, and leggy details in solid wood work best.

8. Sit tight

small space furniture style

When furnishing a small area, play with proportions. Pieces should fit comfortably in a room; if it’s close to making contact with the boundaries of a room, it’s too large. Steer clear of oversized or overstuffed furniture and create an illusion of a larger area by leaving some distance between the edges of your furniture and the walls. Opt for sleek sofa and chairs which take up less room than their overstuffed counterparts, but provide the same amount of seating space.

Words by Theo Rosen
Feature image by Turek Design