Make Your Rental Feel Like A Home With These 6 Easy Decorating Hacks

Home may be where the heart is, but the space you inhabit sets the tone for your day and can have a marked effect on your mental wellbeing. The knowledge that you’ll one day vacate a rental apartment or house coupled with stringent rental laws and landlord rules can make it hard to rationalise spending a hefty amount of time or labour on the decor. However, just because it isn’t technically your property doesn’t mean you can’t imbue it with some personality and make your rental apartment or house a stylish and inviting space to live in. 

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When it comes to decorating a rental, it’s a sound idea to invest in materials and decor that can be repurposed in your next living space. To get the lowdown on the best ways to elevate a rental apartment or house, we tapped Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller for her best rental-friendly interior decorating tips. 

1. Choose some statement-making art


“One of the quickest ways to inject your personality into a place and make it feel like home is to display your favourite artworks,” Rosen-Biller tells Albert Review. For those with more stringent rental agreements that don’t allow you to drill hooks into the walls, “get creative by positioning them on mantels, cabinets and bookshelves and even leaning them against walls on the floor.”

2. Invest in chic bedding

“High-quality, statement-making bed linen instantly elevates the bedroom,” says Rosen-Biller, recommending Bed Threads 100% French flax linen which comes in a wide array of chic colours that can be styled in uniform tones or mixed and matched. “The bedroom should feel like a sanctuary and choosing pure linen bedding that is comfortable, breathable and luxurious will ensure you always sleep well.”

3. Get DIY on the details


“The unattractive blinds, doorknobs, and pendant light fixtures that come with a rental property are often easily removable and can be replaced without the need for an expert.” Rosen-Biller suggests swapping them for neutral and inexpensive curtains, handles, and light shades to modernise the overall aesthetic of the place. “Just remember to hold onto the old ones so that you can put them back on when you leave,” Rosen-Biller adds.

4. Cover the floor with rugs


Rugs can serve as a panacea for unsightly patterned tiles, stained carpet, or unattractive floorboards. “Mix patterns, colours and textures together to add a design element and cover all manner of sins at the same time,” says Rosen-Biller.

5. Curate the bathroom

“Rental bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side and there’s not much you can do about the landlord’s taste in tiles,” Rosen-Biller notes. However, you can still add style to your bathroom with some strategic bathroom accessories and towels. 

“Invest in matching ultra-plush bath, hand and face towels like Bed Threads 100% Linen Waffle Towels in a bold hue and work with the tones within that colour for other décor items,” Rosen-Biller proposes. “Collate a few purposeful things like hand wash, skincare and a small vase with some fresh flowers on a small tray, then hide away anything you don’t use daily to minimise clutter.”

6. Add some greenery

“Nothing brightens up a space quite like house plants so invest in indoor plants in unique pots to add style, purify the air and bring a touch of tranquillity into your home,” recommends Rosen-Biller. “If you’re not quite a green thumb, choose low maintenance options like succulents and cacti.”

Words by AR Staff